About Author

K. Powell discovered her love for writing at a young age. She began writing short stories and songs as an outlet. Growing up K. Powell found herself interested in thriller and urban fiction stories. She has always enjoyed the complex ways these stories have been written, which is what peak her interest in creating her own intricate stories and dynamic characters.

K. Powell wrote her first book in her teenage years in a black and white composition notebook. Despite the positive feedback she put down her pen and paper. K. Powell move on to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from York College. She later on received her master’s in social work from Adelphi University. Although, she attended college to become a social worker, writing was and always will be her passion. Now, twelve years later she has written her first book.

K. Powell grew up in a close knit family who have played a big part in generating her creative mind. K. Powell currently resides in New York with her loving and caring family. With no children she spends her time reading, shopping, and traveling. These leisure activities allows her meet new people and experience diverse cultures, which allows for great story telling.